Tandem Paragliding

You don’t need to be a pilot nor a bird to fly.


The most ideal and easy way to fly is tandem paragliding.

The only thing you would need to fly is a camera.

You would like to record this exciting and adventures experience to share with your beloved ones.

Ölüdeniz with its geographical location, is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Babadağ is located in the southwest of Turkey and its peaks reaches up to 1965 meters high. Belcekız Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, is located at the foothills of this mountain rising up majestically from the coast.

Babadağ is the highest mountain located this close to the sea. The thermal airwaves formed by the steep hills and its closeness to the sea, makes this place one of the best and safest paragliding resorts in the world.

You do not need to be a sportsman or in top form to fly. Only a few steps at takeoff and landing will be enough.

The rest will be handled by the wind and by the experienced and friendly pilots.

After a few steps, you will find yourself in the endless space of the sky. You will feel as free as a bird, as light as the wind and as mighty as Hercules.

Security and Quality

Paragliding is an extremely safe sport when done by the assistance of well-trained and experienced pilots. The equipment used for this sport consists of latest technology products and all the pilots have internationally valid licenses.

Giving high priority to flight safety, we are fully equipped and prepared.

Our Pilots are trained according to FAI standards (The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale - International Aeronautical Federation).

The flight activities of us, are being monitored by THK staff (Turkish Aeronautical Association).

THK, inspecting every little detail about the flight equipment and the pilots, has a leading position in the world’s sports aviation.

It is now the time to explore the sky with us . If you have any doubt about paragliding, look at the joyful faces of our guests who flew with us just before you.


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